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Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce, Scholarship Program, annual scholarship winner, Skyler CardozaCongratulations to our 2017 Scholarship Winner:  Skyler Cardoza!

Listen to Rose Capin (2016 graduate & Scholarship Winner) describe her experiences with the CTE Internship Program.

Listen to Ryan DiCicco (2011 graduate & Scholarship Winner) describe his experiences with the CTE Internship Program.

The Chamber Intern Program is a great opportunity for Cactus Shadows High School seniors to obtain work experience and be a part of their community.  It also provides local businesses the chance to help our youth prepare to be contributing members of the workforce.

Job Shadowing and Internship programs enhance the employability of youth by allowing youth to see what working in a field is really like and providing the real life forum for discussion of various careers and their required skills.  Through internships, youth gain greater clarity about academic and vocational options and opportunities.

ccusd workforceThe following fields are included in the Cactus Shadows High School Internship Program:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources:  Food Products & Processing Systems, Plant & Animal Systems, Power, Structural & Technical Systems, Natural Resources, Environmental Service & Agribusiness Systems
  • Architecture and Construction:  Design/Pre-Construction, Construction, Maintenance/Operations
  • Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications:  Audio/Video Technology & Film, Printing Technology, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Journalism & Broadcasting, Telecommunications
  • Business Management and Administration:  Management, Business Financial Management & Accounting, Human Resources, Business Analysis, Marketing, Administrative & Information Support
  • Education and Training:  Administration & Administrative Support, Professional Support Services, Teaching/Training
  • Finance:  Financial & Investment Planning, Business Financial Management, Banking & Related Services, Insurance Services
  • Government and Public Administration:  Governance, National Security, Foreign Service, Planning, Revenue & Taxation, Regulation, Public Management & Administration
  • Health Science:   Therapeutic Services, Diagnostic Services, Help Informatics, Support Services, Biotechnology Research and Development
  • Hospitality and Tourism:  Restaurants & Food/Beverage Services, Lodging, Travel & Tourism, Recreation, Amusements & Attractions
  • Human Services:  Early Childhood Development & Services, Counseling & Mental Health Services, Family & Community Services, Personal Care Services, Consumer Services
  • Information Technology:  Network Systems, Information Support & Services, Interactive Media, Programming & Software Development
  • Law, Public Safety & Security:   Correction Services, Emergency & Fire Management Services, Security & Protective Services, Law Enforcement Services, Legal Services
  • Manufacturing, Installation and Repair:     Production, Manufacturing Production Process Development, Maintenance, Installation & Repairing, Quality Assurance, Logistics & Inventory Control, Health, Safety & Environmental Assurance
  • Marketing, Sales and Services:      Management & Entrepreneurship, Professional Sales and Marketing, Buying & Merchandising, Marketing Communications & Promotion, Marketing Information Management/Research, Distribution & Logistics, E-Marketing
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:   Engineering and Technology, Science & Math
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics:  Transportation Operations, Logistics Planning & Management Services, Warehousing & Distribution Center Operations, Facility & Mobile Equipment Maintenance, Transportation Systems/Infrastructure, Planning, Management & Regulation, Health, Safety & Environmental Management, Sales & Service

Local businesses who would like to get involved with the CSHS Workforce Development program please contact the Chamber.

The application will be automatically emailed to Louise Rochford, Career & Technical Education Director at CSHS.

For more information and a STUDENT application,please contact the Chamber. Student applications must be downloaded, completed and returned to Louise Rochford.