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Bartlett Lake Marina is offering a Pontoon Boat Rental and/or Ski Boat Rental for a full weekday (Mon-Thur, Excluding Holidays). We are offering a 20-foot Pontoon Boat that will hold 8 people comfortably and/or an 18.5 foot Ski Boat that will hold 5 people comfortably. This deal is only available to the first 200 people. Your purchase can be used until December 15, 2018. Please read the Fine Print for more details. For more information about Bartlett Lake Marina please refer to our website at www.bartlettlake.com.

To purchase your voucher, click here for PayPal and claim one of the 200 available vouchers.

Full Weekday Only (Mon-Thurs) $295 8 Passenger Pontoon Boat Rental ($400 value)


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