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The Yoga Wall is an Iyengar-inspired standardized system of straps, anchors, swings, bars and related gear. Properly used, the therapeutic benefits are plentiful. The intent of this course is to educate you on how to use the gear and safely guide yourself and others in and out of poses, creating increased body awareness and accessing the optimal benefit for different body types.

Beginning with basic, foundational poses and moving onto more advanced poses, inversions and backbends, students will learn how to construct and workshop each pose from different angles allowing emphasis on proper alignment and engagement of different body parts.

Students will learn how to effectively design and lead a Wall Yoga class as a restorative class, for spinal decompression, beginners and advanced students.

Yoga Walls are popping up in private homes all over.  While not limited to Yoga Teachers, a steady, disciplined yoga practice is required, regardless of level. This training is especially valuable for those who inspire to have private clients or work with the therapeutic benefits of yoga.