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3 days ago

Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce


Well, hello, there.

Long time, no UPDATE, huh?

Buncha reasons: Doc was here ‘til late the other day; Iron Man had an issue you may have read about that ate up a good deal of time; Facebook issues – a number of things. But here we are & that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? It’s how life works.

Anyway, as you may have read, The Iron Man got home last evening, thanks to Dr. K.

And, even though he’s lighter by an eyeball today, he’s doing much, much better. The horrible pain he must’ve felt for days is now rapidly receding into his rearview. He’s acting like his normal self. The blindness in that eye probably hasn’t come as too much of a shock to him – he really hasn’t been able to see much, if anything, out of that eye for a couple of weeks, especially with that goggle over it. So, to look at him move around, you hardly see any difference. Well, none, really.

He’ll be on antibiotics (SMZs) for ten days (15 – 2x/day) & bute for five days (1 gm. – 2x/day). He’s also on stall rest for two weeks, but can be hand-walked if we want (we’ll see about that as time progresses). His bandage can come off on Sunday or Monday (probably Monday).

Oh – about his antibiotics…….he’s really terrific about taking oral syringes but, because we know his eye is sore & we don’t want to touch his face while we’re putting on & taking off his halter, we figured we’d see if he’d take his meds in a mash. Some horses smell or taste something just a leeetle different & it’s, “Oh, no…..I ain’t touchin’ that stuff. No how. No way. What’re you - tryna poison me or something?” Others, on the other hand, don’t give a rip & tear right into it just like always.

Well, The Iron Man fits perfectly into that latter category.

This morning, we put his meds in a mash & he dove in & lapped it up like there was no tomorrow.

The Iron Man has really never met any food he hasn’t liked. As Abel always says, “That boy will eat rocks.”

So, we put a hanging bucket on his fence & we’ll give him his meds that way. By putting the mashes in a bucket & not in the feeder with his hay, we can monitor that he’s eaten everything. Plus, it’s a little easier on us, too, to whip together a mash rather than messing around with a couple of oral syringes & halters & all that stuff.

That’s about it for the Iron Man report, today, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to put them in the comments below & we’ll do our best to answer them.

And – a real, totally-from-the-heart THANK YOU! to all of you who’ve contributed to his medical costs. In the next couple of days – when we get the actual receipts – Alexis will post pictures of them here. And, any overages that we received will go to other medical bills (Suze, Bud, Studs, etc.) that we’ve incurred in the past couple of weeks. Those’ll be posted, too.

Good, Iron Man!

Good, you guys!

Now, Suze.

We think that her cellulitis is flaring up again, but only in her fetlock. She’s been sore as hell for a few days & Dr. K checked for any clear signs of an abscess the other day & couldn’t find one. That pretty much means that it isn’t an abscess & it’s something else or it is an abscess that’s way up in there & hasn’t presented itself yet.

But, because of the swelling in her fetlock, we’re going with the cellulitis-acting-up-again theory. BTW – she hasn’t shown any sign of a fever & is totally on her feed, so that’s good. But she hurts, so that’s bad.

We’ve re-started her on Equisul & banamine & we’re cold-hosing her, washing the area real well with anti-bacterial/anti-fungal soap & sweat-wrapping her again.

This morning, Abel & I decided she was nowhere close to being able to be let out into the arena. But, as you know, if we turn Riv & Spence out without her, she goes nuts & runs back-&-forth all the while they’re out. And that wouldn’t be good, either. So, this morning, all three of them stayed home. Probably tomorrow morning, too.

We really wish our Queen wouldn’t have so many problems – certainly more for her sake than for ours – but we’re pretty good at catching them early & we dive right into solving them.

Remember what John Lennon wrote: “There are no problems. Only solutions.”

We live by John’s words.

Oh – check out the two pics:

One is of The Iron Man, this morning, looking like a pirate.

The Iron Man: “Cur-r-r-r-r, blimey!”

Psst: Note the aforementioned mash all over his upper lip!

The other is of Bre, who drew an outstanding charcoal picture of The Iron Man last night.

I ask you: Is that cool – or what?!?


I gotta go.

See you tomorrow, God willin’ & the creek don’t rise.

Until then,

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