Voter Guide 2018 Ballot Initiatives:

Prop 125         Public Retirement Systems                                                   Opposed

 This Constitutional Amendment seeks to exclude adjustments co CORP and EORP from the prohibition of diminishment or impairment of benefits


Prop 127         Glean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment                Opposed

Requires electric utilities to provide at least 50% of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.  The Amendment defines renewable energy sources to include solar, wind, small-scale hydropower, and other sources that are replaced rapidly by a natural, ongoing process (excluding nuclear or fossil fuel.  Distributed renewable energy sources, like rooftop solar, must comprise at least 10% of utilities’ annual retail sales of electricity by 2030.


Prop 305         Save our Schools Arizona                                                      Opposed

This petition seeks to expand the eligibility for Empowerment Scholarships Accounts (ESAs).  It also seeks to remove the existing ESA enrollment cap and increase it annually by 0.5% of total public enrollment through 2022, and cap ESA enrollment in 2023.  This was referred to the ballot in 2017 (SB 1431).


Prop 306         Clean Election                                                                        Support

This referendum seeks to designate it an unlawful contribution to directly or indirectly make a payment from a clean elections account: (1) a political party: and (2) a tax exempt 501(a) organization that is eligible to engage in activities to influence the outcome of a candidate election.  This was referred to the ballot in 2018 (HCR2007)